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At Camvers, we are dedicated to the design and development of camming devices for extreme environments.
We are climbing passionate, and we love the environment in which we practice it. We work so that climbers can progress and protect their selves by modifying and deteriorating the rock as little as possible.
Our objective is to increase the variety of trad climbing gears and their placement chances. We develop lighter, easy to use and more versatile camming devices, advancing protection where, until now, was unlikely, in both free climbing and aid climbing.

Product Camvers

The Camvers team has developed the smallest trad climbing gear working by friction, which is controlled and set up with one hand and has a built-in release system for retrieval.

Prototype Opinions

Camvers wants to show real opinions about the product developed based on reference climbers experience. We will have their professional judgements soon!
“The design of this product is impressive, it has allowed me to place the anchor points quickly and safely. Also, it respects the environment by minimizing its impact on the rock, which is very important to me.”
Andoni Irazusta
"I love how this product adapts to my needs as a climber and allows me to progress more safely and quickly. The material is soft and flexible, which makes it very comfortable to wear and at the same time very resistant."
Yune Urrutia
"Since I started using this product, my climbing progress has been steady and smooth. It also allows me to progress more safely and quickly, and the fact that it doesn't damage the rock is a big plus."
Urko Garbizu

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